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With the summer approaching, a number of youth football teams will be signing up and playing in tournaments as part of their continuing football experience. These summer tournaments can be a great opportunity for our players to learn, offering them the chance to experience the highs and lows, the winning and the losing in a format that often means a whole competition in one day.

However, there is often too much pressure placed on our young players by focussing solely on results a determinant of success from these competitions. Our children are so often provided an adult’s version of competition when they are crying out for a child friendly alternative.

As a team, we began thinking about how we could run a tournament that would provide a rich and valuable learning environment for our young players. This summer, that is what we tried to do and this is the experience…


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Informa Insights

Strategic leadership and influencing skillsEmotional intelligence is a bigger factor in career success than a high intelligence quotient (IQ), according to one researcher.

Dr Jim Worth, a human development specialist with University of Missouri Extension, said a person’s emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) is very important in a corporate environment.

“First and foremost, research shows that executive EQ is directly related to setting the climate of the organisation and sometimes has a 75 per cent impact,” he was quoted by Christian County Headline News as commenting.

“EQ … is at least four times more predictive of job advancement than IQ, and this is true even among scientists.”

High emotional intelligence enables people to control their emotions and use them to their advantage, as well as being able to judge the feelings of others.

This can be extremely important in leadership development, with Dr Worth stating that EQ becomes vital the higher a person climbs the…

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I/O Musings of a Skeptical Positivist

leading_the_packSamantha exuded leadership.  Hell, since the age of twelve, she’d held leadership roles.  Captain of the soccer team.  President of her neighborhood “Kids’ Committee.”  Student Council Vice President, and later President.  By the time she graduated college, she was the co-founder and CEO of a non-profit funding source for low-income housing.  Talk about the fast track!  She was on it!

Fast forward a decade, and Samantha was still leading.  Her focus had changed, though, from the philanthropic to corporate.  At 32, she was the youngest executive vice president in the company’s history.  She was overseeing the marketing operations for a $10 billion corporate giant, leading a 100-person creative team and all the affiliated support roles.  On any traditional measure, she’d made it.  She was a success.  Yet, she found herself increasingly disjointed and unsatisfied professionally.

When Samantha and I first met, she admitted quietly struggling with an interesting leadership…

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